Godzilla Minus One Trailer

My love of Godzilla movies has been noted on this website, the podcast, various structures I’ve spray painted it on, you get the idea. Well, the full trailer for Godzilla Minus One is out and as I said from the teaser this looks positively terrifying. Check this out.

Following the success of Shin Godzilla which gave us a stand alone film not rooted in any history. Toho has now revisited the franchise after Legendary did their own here in the U.S. Now Big G has always kind of had this hero monster thing going but this film looks terrifying and the destruction is being seen at a human level. Look it’s real easy when you’re looking at the kaiju walking between building but when you see the scale of the monster to the human, well that perspective is different. Seeing the streets buckling as people go flying through the air and that shot of the explosion sweeping the humans makes this seem like this is Godzilla on a destruction mission. Even the one character saying “That monster, will never forgive us.” It gives us some of that destruction level we saw in Shin Godzilla which I really loved. Also the timing of an attack by a kaiju post war makes this film just seem bleak.

Directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki and starring Ryunosuke Kamiki as Kōichi Shikishima, Minami Hamabe as Noriko Ōishi, Sakura Ando as Sumiko Ōta, and Yuki Yamada as Shirō Mizushima. The film will release November 3rd 2023 in Japan and in the U.S. December 1st 2023. And I have to say if you want more Japanese cinema to make it’s way to us go see this in the theater.

Jason The X

Man, am I feeling sorry for the humans in a Godzilla film? Must be getting soft in my old age. Follow me on the socials @JasonTheX

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