Pre Order the Robotech Collector’s Edition from Funimation

Well, Funimation, you make an enticing offer. So, let’s rewind the clock a bit to 1985 when the series Robotech debuted on U.S. television. Now this was broadcast tv and it was some of the best anime of its time to young Jason. Accompanied by a great toy line the 85-episode series was one of my favorites. Yes, it was based off of 3 completely different series in Japan but it’s all we had, and we loved it.

Well Funimation has since released those episodes on there streaming service and you may have already guessed I watched all of them so my palette for nostalgia from my childhood has been slaked. I knew I shouldn’t have said that out loud because Funimation has announced the entire 85 episodes on Blu-Ray. You can pre-order now before the set releases September 28th, 2021 but I said this is a collectors edition so what else ya got Funimation. Well you get 7 hours of special features, a set of 4 patches, an exclusive Toynami Veritech of Roy Fokker’s signature craft, and an exclusive Roy Fokker figure.

Okay Funimation I hope you’re happy for the $249.98 msrp you’re taking from me. Pre-order the Collectors Edition of Robotech right here.

Jason The X

“Between you and I, I played the Robotech theme song while I wrote this. Follow me @JasonTheX”

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