Funkoville coming to SDCC 2023

I can’t deny how popular Funko Pops are. Not my preferred collectible but all of us know someone that collects them. And with every year Funko delivers on exclusives for the event along with a presentation that’s deserving of the biggest show of the year. So if you’re going to the event you deserve to take a little trip to Funkoville.

From the 19th through the 24th Funko will be at Booth 5341 and it’s literally twice the size of last year’s space. Now with Funkoville will be Loungefly if you’re looking for something to improve your personal style while you’re there. And also Mondoshop if you’re looking for some higher end collectibles. Seriously some of their action figures are amazing, can’t wait to see what they have. But something new this year will be the Blockbuster Rewind Store where you get to see what young Jason was doing on Friday nights. Renting VHS tapes from the local Blockbuster. I still have my old card.

But you know along with that Funko’s going to be doing drawings, giveaways, and all kinds of contests. They have to get you to the door guys so if you’re walking the floor go check them out. See you all at San Diego Comic Con nerds.

-Jason The X

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