Five Nights at Freddy’s Creeps in With New Trailer

The time has finally come! A full trailer has been released regarding the upcoming Bloomhouse film for the popular game series Five Nights at Freddy’s, and we were not left dissapointed. There’s so much packed into this trailer, so let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

A shot outside the abandoned establishment

What We Know

We’re following our protagonist, Mike, as he desperately accepts a job as a security officer at the long closed but not forgotten Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Along for the journey as well is a young girl named Abby. Whether she is his daughter or little sister is unclear at the moment, be there are some theories (we’ll get into that a bit later). All he has to do is stay in the security office and watch the monitors. Sounds easy enough right? Fans of the franchise will know, however, that this is far from the truth.

During his shift, our hero takes a little nap and is awoken by the infamous Toreador March blasts through the pizzaria and the real fun begins. We see our hero hiding in vents, seeing the spirits of the children trapped inside the animatronics, and even the shadowed image of Springtrap. There’s so much packed into the trailer’s short approx. 2 and a half minutes, several theories have already begun to pop up. Which leads to our next section.

What Can We Guess

In the games, Mike Schmidt is an alias for Micheal Afton, son of serial killer William Afton. This could lead to some theories for our young female character Abby being Elizabeth Afton, but I agree with a few that think it odd to change the name of such a known character in the franchise. This could very well be a twist we learn later, but what we DO know, is the animatronics want Abby to be like them.

It also seems that Freddy, in some way, may be playing a helping role as he did in Security Breach. Towards the end of the trailer, we not only see Abby happily in the back of the cab with the killer animatronic, but see her holding his hand outside the pizzaria. My personal theory is maybe Mike’s soul becomes trapped inside the Fazbear animatronic and he is stays with Abby after.

There are so many nods to the Freddy’s games sprinkled throughout the trailer and it’s very possible that this movie will not follow any specific canon that has been established thus far, but create it’s own, unique perspective on the lore. However they chose to do this, it’s clear that it is going to be an absolute blast to watch and experience. We here at SCNS Live are truly excited for this film and everything that it has in store ( at least I am )

The film releases in theatres and on Peacock on October 27th. Keep your monitors tuned to this screen for more Fazbear news as it is released. Just don’t mind the golden suit in the corner, okay?

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