Super 7 Godzilla Minus One Preorder Reopens

As a Kaiju enthusiast I was blown away but the Godzilla Minus One movie. One of the best of the franchise with an engaging story that made me actually care about the human characters in it. And as I patiently wait for the movie to be able to be purchased in every format I have I am also in need of some collectibles to add to my ever growing toy room.

So if you missed out Super 7 had a pre-order open for their Godzilla Minus One figure. Coming in at over 8 inches tall and 14 inches long this is one good looking King of the Monsters. That detail that I saw on Godzilla is captured well in the paint and mold work. Just check out all that detail in the scales, the huge spikes. And check out that realistic atomic breath that you can use to roast anything you want…oh wait that’s just an animation. Okay so real atomic breath isn’t a feature but along with plenty of pose ability you get an inter changeable head. Retailing at $85.00 you can preorder yours at this link. Time is limited as pre-orders end Sunday March 10th, 2024 at 11.59. Shipping is expected September 2024.

Jason The X

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