Fallout Trailer and Release Date For Prime Video

Here we go everyone. One of my favorite properties is finally coming to Prime Video this April 12th. Back in 2020 when this was announced I have been counting down the days. And now e have the trailer and several confirmed announcements for the series. But first, let’s check that trailer.

First developed by Bethesda Fallout first came on the scene from Interplay Entertainment in 1997. Now handled by Bethesda Game Studios the series has a dedicated fan following. Look if you’re doing Fallout, you’re going to deal with some heavy critique from the fan base, but most of it’s out of love, harsh love. The basic concept of the game is nuclear war happens and some people were able to secure places in vaults to protect them while others were not. We’ll be following a vault dweller as they leave the safety and security of the vault to a world of violence and survival.

Taking on the role of our wanderer is Ella Purnell (Churchill, Arcane) playing Lucy, a vault dweller venturing out into the Wasteland. Along the way she meets Walton Goggins (Predators, Hateful Eight) as Cooper Howard, an actor now gunslinger we see in the trailer who is long lived as he’s been turned into a ghoul due to exposure to radiation when the bombs fell. And Aaron Moten (Father Stu, Emancipation) as Maximus a squire serving in the Brotherhood of Steel a paramilitary group dedicated to collecting and preserving technology for themselves. Also one of the core characters is usually a German Sheperd named Dogmeat but this time will be CX404 in the series. Accompanying our leads will be Chris Parnell, Kyle MacLachlan, Mike Doyle, Sarita Choudhury, Leslie Uggams, and more. The series is written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner who will also serve as show runners and executive producers. Also, the director of several Fallout games Todd Howard will also executively produce.  The series will be directed by Wayne Yip and Jonathan Nolan. All episodes will be available on Prime Video April 11th, 2024.

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