Hasbro Haslab Transformers: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime

Now that Hasbro Haslab program has given us the latest product with Deathsaurus, it is time to introduce a new one. And the new Haslab revealed today is extremely exciting for this nerd. This Haslab for Transformers is Robots in Disguise Omega Prime.

The 2001 Robots in Disguise cartoon was an interesting one to say the least. So, Beast Wars has ended and there were several series in Japan continuing off that but the Transformers: Car Robots came along as a new continuity to the Transformers lore. First airing in Japan in the 2000’s it was adapted for U.S. television in 2001. It quickly introduced a new team of Transformers with some interesting innovative designs. Gone was Optimus Prime’s semi-truck mode replaced with a bright red fire truck. Able to separate the cab from the back portion he could combine with it for a super mode version of himself. Later introduced was his brother Ultra Magnus who was able to assume the form of a car carrier like his previous G1 self. But the combining didn’t stop there cause Optimus and Ultra Magnus could also combine into Omega Prime. This show was so anime and honestly, I was a fan.

The toys had varying levels of enjoyment though. The Optimus Prime was fantastic. The Omega Prime, not great. The Omega Prime combination, well look the engineering was a sign of the times but we appreciated it you whippersnappers. Well Transformers Legacy has been dipping their metallic toys in all sorts of figures from the entire lore of Transformers and we already had a Scourge from the same series make his way to the line. And now the team at Hasbro has introduced Omega Prime to its Haslab program.

The backing price for this project is 249.99 dollars and will need to reach 10,000 units to go into production. If you back this one, you’re getting Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme, and a newly engineered Bluebolts figure imagined from the unique weapon wielded by Ultra Magnus. Specifics include.

Optimus Prime

·         8.5 inches tall (22 cm) in robot mode

·         Converts from robot to iconic firetruck cab mode

·         Comes with a blaster accessory and 2 Matrix of Leadership accessories

·         Storage for the Matrix of Leadership accessories

Command Center

·         Back half of the firetruck doubles as a 15-inch (38 cm) command center

·         Articulated ladder

·         Features four rotating missiles inside the ladder

·         Missiles include 5mm ports for blast effects. Blast effects also fit in the top of the ladder (blast effects sold separately, subject to availability)

·         Titan Master-compatible ladder – Titan Master figures can sit on the side and top of the ladder (sold separately, subject to availability)

Super Mode

·         Armor up the Optimus Prime figure with the Command Center pieces to unlock Super Mode

·         Vac-metal eyes and antennas

·         Hot foil stamped Autobot emblem

Ultra Magnus

·         11.5 inches tall (29 cm) in robot mode

·         Enhanced ankle articulation for dynamic poses

·         Converts from robot to car carrier trailer vehicle

·         Features dual-level vehicle storage. Can store 3 Deluxe Class figures as cars in vehicle mode (each sold separately, subject to availability)

·         Vac-metal eyes and front grill in vehicle mode

·         Hot foil stamped Autobot emblem visible in vehicle mode

Autobot Bluebolts

·         5.75 inches tall (15 cm) in robot mode

·         Converts from robot mode into six weapon accessories

·         Figure can break down and fit inside the Ultra Magnus figure

One of the remarkable things about this new Omega Prime is it’s being reworked by the same designer who worked on the original figure Hisashi Yuki. The first stretch goal at 13,000 backers will include the Matrix Blade which comes in at a whopping 23.5 inches in length and the second stretch goal at 16,000 will include two stands for both robots that can combine to replicate the space bridge road see in the show.

Yes, my order is already in and we’re already at 3,677. We’re 44 days away from completion and I’m hoping we reach the goals and hopefully the hidden third stretch goal will be a good one. Now excuse me, I need to go clear some space.

Jason The X

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